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VANTAGE Mgazine, China – A Modern Master

  A Modern Master Rainer Maria Latzke found his life’s calling in a forgotten art and brought it back to prominence for the 21st century. Meet a truly modern master. The sort of realistic painting that Shanghai-based German artist Rainer Maria Latzke specializes in was something of a dying art in modern times. With contemporary […]

Rui Enjoi Magazine, China – The Modern Day’s Michelangelo

    The Michelangelo of Modern Times In appreciation of his outstanding achievements in mural art and interior design, Rainer Maria Latzke was awarded the honorary professorship of the Shanghai Institute of Visual Art of renowned Fudan University in 2010.  Classical mural master Rainer Maria Latzke enjoys a global reputation in mural art. His unique creation […]

Forbes Magazine – 12 cultural trendsetters with input on the decade

Forbes presents 12 cultural trendsetters with input on the decade: Film, TV, Design, Painting, Architecture. In the modern ‘fast-food’ cultural landscape, the struggle for survival for artists and their creative peers is becoming more and more of a PR battle. This often makes the sales process more important than the artistic result – faster and […]

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Herald Journal Magazine, USA – Modern Day Michelangelo

     Modern Day Michelangelo In Europe, Rainer Maria Latzke is known as a modern-day Michelangelo — a master muralist whose works cost $100,000 to $300,000. With their blue-chip prices, his art was only available to the very wealthy, a reality that made Latzke uncomfortable. “I wanted to democratize the process,” he said. “Many people would […]

Talkies, Netherlands – Trompe L’oeil

   Rainer Maria Latzke brings back the Trompe l´Oeil. Trompe l’oeil (French for ‘deceive the eye’) fascinated the Borghias and the Medicis so much   that their entire interiors were a showcase of plastering and ‘false marble’ paint effects, even though they were rich enough to afford real marble and onyx. With the rise of the […]

Maison & Jardin, France – A GENIUS OF TROMPE L’OEIL.

A Genius of Trompe L’oeil. Without any doubt, an artist once understood and applied our century´s technique of Trompel´oeil, one of the most difficult techniques like the contemporary artist Rainer Maria Latzke, who knows all about the art of the renaissance. He is a veritable magician; able to transform ordinary rooms in a dream decoration. […]

Rundschau am Sonntag, Germany – Castles in the air and painted Illusions

Luftschlösser und gemalte Illusionen Eine Tellerwäscher-Karriere auf europäisch, die dennoch in den kalifornischen Prominentenort Malibu führt: die Lebensstory des Rainer Maria Latzke aus der Eifel, der mit dem Pinsel in der Hand aufstieg zum Multimillionär. Solche Geschichten müssten eigentlich nach alter Märchenerzählsitte mit „Es war einmal“ beginnen. Also: Da lebte in einem Dörfchen bei Münstereifel, […]

Bild am Sonntag – Rainer malt die heile Welt

Rainer malt die weite Welt auf Ihre Wand Swimmingpool am Amazonas Martina Schain, Tochter eines Transportunternehmers, genießt die Scheinwelt mit Flamingos im Rheinland. New York an der Leine: Die Scorpions haben sich ihr Studio nach New York “verlegen” lassen – von Rainer und Markus Latzke, beide in Weiß. Lustgarten im Ruhrpott: Rainer Maria Latzke vor […]

Stern, Germany – Art on the running meter

     ART ON THE RUNNING METER The German Artist Rainer Maria Latzke developed an attractive niche some years ago– grand murals for private clients. In themeantime he became a millionaire with his artwork. The headlights of cars throw rays of light onto Broadway; the windows of skyscrapers are glimmering. High above the stars are flashing […]

Die Bunte, Germany – Michelangelo from the Eifel

    Michelangelo of the Eifel A bird man in the sky. Ivy on the wall: (picture left): The artist Rainer Maria Latzke painted the entrance hall of his 37-room castle. “Chateau Thal” in the Belgian Kettenis. Rainer Latzke manages to trick the human eye. The student of Joseph Beuys portrays the wide world  on walls. […]

Koelner Stadtanzeiger – Illusionary view on Vienna

Illusionary view on Vienna His works make astronomical prices The from Euskirchen stemming artist Rainer Maria Latzke, who lives now in Monaco, got newly a unique order: He was asked to decorate the 120,000 sqft walls and ceilings of the Lanner Lehar hall in the Vienna town hall. Beside Latzke there have applied several other […]

Muenchner Abendzeitung and Muenchner Merkur – Andechser Am Dom

MÜNCHNER ABENDZEITUNG Der Mann aus Malibu malt mit Mut Ein Maler mit Engelslocken: Rainer Maria Latzke belebte für das Lokal der Klosterbrüder alte Perspektiven der Kirchenmalerei in New-Age Manier. Er kam in einem perlmuttfarbenen Rolls-Royce mit kalifornischem Nummernschild (Preis 500.000 D Mark): Rainer Maria Latzke (44) der Mann aus Malibu, legte gestern letzte Hand an […]

Die Bunte, Germany – People of tomorrow

Latzke blows the walls away A basement pool, dark. Rainer Maria Latzke (42) paints a Mediterranean landscape on the walls: a dream for the eyes. A dining room, boring.  Latzke paints an Italian scenery on the walls. Gorgeous! An oasis! Latzke, Master student of the Düsseldorf Academy of Fine Arts, has revitalized the mural: “We […]